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Journey Animal Rescue's
Permanent Residents

Meet the permanent residents of the people who own the rescue. These animals have found their forever home with us due to breed, behavioral or medical issues.

They are our personal animals and are not available for adoption.


Shreya is a 45lb black lab mix who came to us from Puerto Rico where we found her living in a pack on the streets. We were caring for several street dogs while helping with a spay/neuter campaign there and noticed Shreya was very sick, so we caught her and boarded her at a vet clinic until she could be brought back to the mainland. Shreya suffered from an abscessed mammary tumor mange, parasites, heartworm disease and an ear hematoma. All those issues were treated but unfortunately the tumor was malignant and it is obvious that Shreya is too scared a dog (semi-feral in fact) to be adopted out into most homes, so she will remain here.
Shreya Shreya



Every now and then that special dog joins our long-term care due to age, temperament or medical condition. It's official: Raj will be a permanent resident. Raj came into our life a few months after we lost one of our permanent dogs, another pit bull mix named Austin. Austin was rescued from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 along with 125 other dogs I brought back. He and 4 other pit bulls became permanent residents due to medical issues which made them unadoptable at that time. Austin loved us, loved his pit bull companion Jelly (another Katrina dog) and adored the people he learned to trust. At the young age of 10 and 1/2 years we lost our beloved boy to pancreatic cancer, devastating us and Jelly, his soulmate. We did our best to console Jelly, rotating her with our other female but it was rough on everyone. Then Raj joined us as a foster dog. Initially we were told he was great with dogs, cats, kids and all people, so we agreed to take him. We noticed some concerning behavior when we first picked him up, but shrugged it off to stress and having been shuffled through 2 shelters and another foster home prior to arriving here. We then noticed that reaching above his head or picking up anything like a stick, broom or tennis ball would result in a terrified dog. When we went to public events, it became obvious that his past mistreatment at the hands of men would not allow him to be placed without a lot of work. We are lucky to have a wonderful trainer, Marianne Finney, who loves and believes in him and to have had the gift of Austin in learning how to deal with a dog with such issues. Raj is great with our animals and he and Jelly adore each other. Raj is here to stay.

We got the Message, Austin: you sent him to us.
Jelly says thank you, Austin, we all miss you but feel you are here once again.



Radha is a Chihuahua mix who was acquired from a high kill shelter with the intention of placement. Because she suffers from herniated discs and severe luxating patellas, she has joined our pack. She will be getting bilateral knee surgery in winter 2018. Additionally, she us on several herbal supplements and receives regular acupuncture and chiropractic.


Narissa is a poodle mix who was abandoned prior to hurricane Harvey. When we got her she was pregnant, heartworm positive, had been shot with a bb gun, has spinal, eye and skin problems. She gave birth to 2 stillborn and two live puppies. Narissa has had 2 different types of cancerous tumors removed.


Brahman is a pit bull who was rescued at 2 years old from a high kill shelter in NYC in 2014. At that time he had severe skin problems and food allergies. He also has some musculoskeletal issues. He does great on his raw diet, chiropractic and supplements.

Brahman Brahman


Finnegan is a chihuahua who came to us after he was surrendered to a local shelter in 2018 at the age of 7 after being in 3 homes. He had severe dental disease resulting in bone exposure and a jaw fracture and luxating patellar. He had all but 6 teeth removed. He is doing great with his raw diet, supplements and chiropractic.


Naimah and Sameer

Naimah (female) and Sameer (male) are 2 double merle Australian Shepherd siblings wh joined us in 2016 at 8 weeks old. They were rescued from a backyard breeder in Arkansas who purposefully bred two merle colored dogs despite knowing that 25% would be blind or visually impaired and/or deaf or hearing impaired. Naimah is visually and hearing impaired and Sameer is blind and deaf. Despite their handicaps, they are living a happy and full life.

Naimah and Sameer Naimah and Sameer


Jax joined us in 2020 at the age of 2 after his owners brought him to the vet to be destroyed because he kept wandering off. Jax is a double merle Australian Shepherd and is deaf and mostly blind. Jax came to us with heartworm diseas and was treated. He is a very happy and well adjusted dog.

Jax Jax

Ateme and Aquila


Ateme and Aquila are old wolf hybrids acquired from another rescue. They were originally surrendered when their owner found them too much to handle. They are permanent residents.
Ateme.jpg Aquila.jpg


Spruce is a female wolf hybrid who came to us with her soulmate Cochise after the sanctuary she was living in shut down. Sadly, she lost her best friend to lung cancer but was paired with Apache and Nashoba, who brought great comfort to her. Spruce is pure joy and loves to give kisses, play and go for car rides.

Spruce Spruce Spruce

Apache and Nashoba

Apache is an Alaskan Noble Companion dog who came to us with Nashoba after his owner became too debilitated to care for him. He is a very friendly and outgoing guy who loves people and his friends, Spruce and Nashoba.

Apache NashobaNashoba

Apache_and_Nashoba Apache_and_Nashoba


Mangus is a shepherd mix who was mislabeled as a wolf hybrid and based on this label, cannot be placed. He also has some behavioral issues due to being chained and abused by a former owner. He is 1 of 6 wolf hybrids we took from another sanctuary. He finally,after a lifetime if solitude has a best friend, in Cheyenne, a female wolf hybrid. He is a permanent resident.
Mangus.jpg Mangus.jpg


Cheyenne is female who is mostly wolf. She was 1 of 6 wolf hybrids transferred to our rescue and is best friends with her companion, Mangus. She is a permanent resident.
Cheyenne.jpg Cheyenne.jpg


Odin was purchased by a family who decided they no longer wanted him at 10 months old and were going to euthanize him. He arrived with obvious signs of neglect and was terrified of everyone and everything but quickly warmed up to us and some of the other residents. His previous owners told us he would probably kill small dogs and cats but he is fine with ours. Odin has become best friends with Cheyenne and has brought renewed energy to Mangus.
Odin Odin Odin


Phoenix was born in 2018 and joined us at the age of 15 months when his owner was unable to care for him anymore due to his separation anxiety, high energy and because he couldn't be properly contained in the residence. Phoenix is a Husky/Tamaskan cross and is currently acting as a companion to Odin who is similar in age and breeds.
Odin Odin

Waya and Zen

Waya and Zen were born in 2012 and are Native American Indian dogs. They are brother and sister and are inextricably connected. They are absolutely wonderful dogs and are great with all canines, felines and humans. They do have some orthopedic issues and take supplements to support their joints.
Waya-Zen Waya-Zen
Waya-Zen Waya-Zen